Basler Fasnacht

Fasnacht is Switzerland’s answer to Carnival.  It is an event that is very special in Basel.  It all begins at 4 am on the Monday following Ash Wednesday.

Jenn and I got up and went to Marktplatz to see the parade.  All the lights in town are switched off for the event.  (Though it IS 4 am so not many are on in the first place)  The Fastnachtler dress up in costumes with crazy masks.  They craft lighted floats and play instruments and they walk the streets.  It’s pretty wild.

Most Fastnachtler wear a lantern on their mask.  The art on most floats is outstanding.  Tons of confetti is thrown around- and I do mean tons.

After the initial parade, there are follow up parades as well as concerts.  We’ll have to arrive earlier next year!


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